GMI meets the Director General of the ENPI CBC MED Programme


Date(s) - 20/06/2013

The GMI Project Manager, Ms. Diana Kobayter, and Financial Maanager, Mr. Fady El Sabeh, met on Thursday June 20th the Director General of the ENPI CBC MED Programme, Mrs. Anna Maria Catte, the Programme expert Mr. Luca Palazzo, and a team from the Joint Managing Authority (JMA) to discuss the project’s progress and the future planned actions.

The JMA considers the GMI project as one of the most innovative and promising projects, and it is looking forward for its positive and sustainable results. To add, and until date, GMI is considered one of the best performing strategic projects.

The meeting ended with a brief overview of the Communication Plan with the Programme Expert Mr. Hamze Jammoul.

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