GMI at the EU – Lebanon Cooperation Days


Date(s) - 08/05/2015 - 09/05/2015

The European Delegation to Lebanon, in collaboration with the EU Member States, organized  the 3rd EU Lebanon Cooperation Days on 8 and 9 May 2015 at the Pavilion Royale in BIEL, Beirut.

This two-day conference was open to all interested and provided a unique opportunity for Lebanese and European partners to showcase their activities, present their results, extend their professional networks, and increase their knowledge on the EU-Lebanon cooperation.

The GMI project participated as an exhibitor to the 3rd edition of the EU – Lebanon Cooperation Days. The exhibition area was composed of various thematic booths, and several topics were addressed in full depth during a series of panel discussions. The sectors that were covered include economic development, infrastructure, natural resources, human rights, social and cultural development and heritage, and humanitarian aid.

The theme of the event was “Working Together, Moving Forward”, H.E. Minister of Economy and Trade Alain Hakim and of H.E. Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon were both present

The ceremony was highly attended by political, diplomatic, economic, academic, media and civil society personalities. A large number of visitors toured the exhibition area where ten stands showcase the programmes and projects funded by the EU and the Member States.
Ambassador Eichhorst stated: “We will be taking a closer look these days at the broad range of actions the European Union and the Member States undertake together with so many partners in Lebanon. We hope that through a series of open debates we will get a better understanding of what has already been achieved and what could be our future priorities together.”

Minister Hakim said: “We gather here today at this important event to reassess all that was achieved during the previous period and to look at what could be developed in this partnership, as well as to discuss the potential horizons and possible opportunities”.

This two-day event featured debates tackling a range of areas of EU support and its impact on on-going reform efforts in Lebanon. Videos produced within the framework of EU-funded activities were also screened. Furthermore, the event presented the potential opportunities and funding mechanisms available.


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