Upcycled Christmas Trees


Date(s) - 10/12/2014 - 05/01/2015

The Green Med Initiative (GMI) project in collaboration with Spinneys and Sukleen built five up-cycled Christmas trees made of reused plastic bottles. The 5 meter high trees were placed in Jnah, Hazmieh, Dbayeh and Jbeil regions. The shape of the trees was inspired from the snowflakes that fall from the sky during the winter season. 650 empty reused plastic bottles were used for each tree, which made up a total of 3,250 bottles collected from different Lebanese schools.

The plastic trees uniquely branded with the GMI, EU & ENPI logos, left a positive impact combining environmental care with the Christmas spirit. Kids and parents, young people, elderly people were posing and taking pictures next to the tree sharing the Christmas joy. They were all proud and happy to learn that these trees were made by the GMI led by the chamber of commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon and funded by the EU under the umbrella of the ENPI CBC MED programme.

The initiative was part of the GMI awareness raising activity aiming at educating the youth to be environmentally proactive, to consume responsibly and to integrate the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in their daily routine.

The message of the project through this activity was to state that the festive season should also be a celebration of responsibility and conservation of the Mediterranean environment.

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