GMI launching in Cagliari


In a press conference held on April 30th at the Municipality of Cagliari (Associate partner of the GMI project), the Mayor of Cagliari launched “The Green MED Initiative” project (GMI) financed by the EU under the ENPI CBC MED Programme. The President of the Commission for technological Services, Fabrizio Marcello, and the President of the Human Resources Commission of the City of Cagliari, Ferdinando Secchi, were present at the event together with the President of ANCI Sardegna, Piersandro Scano, and the President of CSPI, Cristian Atzori.

The press conference gathered the Sardinian project partners (ANCI Sardegna & Centro Servizi per le Imprese), the Province of Cagliari, the project beneficiaries (schools in which the RVMs will be deployed), and the project’s associate partners (TISCALI and UCI Cinemas).

ANCI Sardegna and CSPI – Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari signed an agreement with the Municipality of Cagliari, the Province of Cagliari, and six high schools of Cagliari – where the 17 Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) will be installed. This pilot action aims to promote good practices of recycling and waste separation among young people in Italy.
The RVMs will provide incentives for recycling of PET and aluminum turning waste into bonus-points!

Through a defined reward scheme,  students will receive “points” for the containers (PET & aluminum cans) returned, and these points will be turned into rewards to further encourage students to participate in this initiative.

According to the Mayor Zedda, this “pilot” experience with the GMI project will be particularly valuable given that the City of Cagliari has allocated resources for the acquisition and placement of some Reverse Vending Machines (similar to those installed by the project GMI) in some strategic points of the city. This initiative, ensuring the collection of promptly recyclable waste, should lead to the reduction of the waste tax for all citizens.

Read the full article (in Italian) here.

Cagliari press conference

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