GMI Project (WP5) Deployment: Phase 2 (Cagliari- Italy)


The GMI Project continued the RVMs implementation phase in Italy (Cagliari), where the Italian Partners (National Association of Italian Municipalities – Sardinia (ANCI Sardegna) and the Promotional Services Centre for enterprises, Special Agency of the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce (CSPI)) were the second to receive their RVMs (a total of 17 machines) among the rest of the GMI partners.

Being the leader of the Implementation Work Package (WP5) and responsible for the technical aspects of the GMI Project, the Averda Team has traveled to Italy between 29 August and 5 September 2015 to ensure the timely and proper implementation of this phase.

The Averda team provided an extensive technical training to the staff who will be handling the machines, and ensuredthe set up, testing and configuration of the RVMs prior to their deployment to their final locations in all 6 schools [Istituto Magistrale Eleonora d’Arborea, Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Sociali Pertini di Cagliari, Liceo Scientifico Antonio Pacinotti, Liceo Classico Pintor, Liceo Scientifico Michelangelo, Liceo Scientifico Euclide].

In parallel, the Beneficiary and the Italian partners have worked extensively on finalizing the redemption scheme for Italy, and on accommodating the needs of the educational centers to it.

The upcoming deployment locations will be: Lebanon (52 RVMs), Egypt (41 RVMs), and Tunisia (36 RVMs).

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