GMI Project (WP5) Deployment: Phase 1 (Barcelona – Spain)


The GMI Project has moved into the implementation phase starting with Spain, where the Spanish Partners (ASCAME, FUNDITEC, and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce) were the first to receive their RVMs (a total of 16 machines) among the other GMI partners.

Being the leader of the Implementation Work Package (WP5) and responsible for the technical aspects of the GMI Project, Averda Team has traveled to Barcelona between the 8th and 13th March 2015 to ensure the timely and proper implementation of this phase.

Besides the set up, testing and configuration of the RVMs, the team provided an extensive technical training to the staff who will be handling the machines, and ensured that the RVMs are deployed to their final locations in all 3 universities [Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Barcelona School of Design & Engineering (Elisava)] and that they are working properly.

The mission concluded with a meeting with the Beneficiary (CCIA-BML), the Spanish Partners and the University representatives to brief them about the implementation, answer any questions/doubts they still had, and perform a live demonstration on using the machines and E-Platform.

The remaining implementation phases on the agenda will take place in Italy (17 RVMs), Lebanon (52 RVMs), Egypt (41 RVMs), and Tunisia (36 RVMs).

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