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If you’ve come this far you’ve probably returned an empty beverage container to one of Reverse Vending Machines located at your school or university.

We would like to reward you by giving you the opportunity to select your gift from a large number of prizes we are offering!

Access the GMI platform, register, and enter the numeric code found on the ticket issued by the machine. You can also download the TOMRA ReAct app and scan the QR code ticket. Please refer to the “How to participate” section for more details

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The pilot project:

Lebanon produces 2.04 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per year (2013 data). MSW generation is projected to increase by 1.65% per year. Each person generates approximately between 0.8 and 1.2 kg per day.

MSW in Lebanon is composed of 16% paper; 11.5% plastic; 5.5% Metal; 3.5% glass and 52.5% organic waste. 15% of the MSW are composted, 8% recycled, 48% landfilled and 29% openly dumped.

To change this reality, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut & Mount Lebanon has launched the Green Med Initiative (GMI project) in order to encourage students to recycle and engage in environmentally sustainable practices using a new technology: The Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs). In partnership with Averda & Atria, 52 RVMs will be deployed in around 25 Lebanese schools and universities in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. The collection and recycling will be ensured by the Red & Blue program of SUKLEEN.

Students will recycle their empty containers using the RVM in return for points generated by the machine and will then redeem their points for rewards based on a specific redemption scheme tailored for Lebanon and offered by Spinneys.


Ready to participate? The steps are simple :

1)      Create an account on react.tomra.com/gmi or download the application ” TOMRA ReAct ” for IOS / Apple or Android to create your personal account

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2)      Each time you use the RVM you will receive a coupon (receipt) containing a numeric code and a QR code

3)      Log in to your account and enter your receipt number

4)      Accumulate points by recycling as many empty containers as possible

5)      Choose your gift once you reach the number of points required

6)      Click on REDEEM to redeem your gift from Spinneys

Et voila! You are a winner!

Please Note that ReAct is a part of a global community of recyclers which is live with several programs globally. Next time you log-in to your account at react.tomra.com/gmi, you are asked to choose the program you are a part of. Please select “GMI” from the dropdown menu. Thank you.



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Educational centers are going GREEN!

Below is the list of schools and universities participating in the GMI project by encouraging environmental education among their students and by ensuring a change in their behavior towards the environment:

Collège Protestant Français

Collège Notre Dame de La Sainte Famille – Sahel Alma

Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour

Collège Central des Moines Libanais

Mont La Salle

City International School

Bouchrieh Adventist Secondary School

Mouseitbeh Adventist Secondary School

Collège Saint-Grégoire

BESGB (Beirut Evangelical School For Girls And Boys)

German school (Naameh)

Eduvation/ St Mary Orthodox College

Eduvation/ Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College

Eduvation/ Ecole des Trois Docteurs

Collège  des Saints Coeurs Ain Najm

Collège  des Saints Coeurs Sioufi

American University of Beirut

Haigazian University

*New schools will be added soon…


Soon you will find here the data on packaging returned, the CO2 savings associated, etc.


The GMI project gives you the opportunity to recycle and be rewarded for your efforts and for contributing to a greener planet. There are many ways to recycle, and we offer you to do it your way!

Check below the rewards offered by our associated partner Spinneys!


           Bose sound sport headphones (7000 points)

Music sounds much better with Bose headphones! Enjoy playing your favourite tracks!

Bose soundsport


Playstation 4 (18000 points)

Enjoy playing your favourite games with Playstation 4!




Sony PSP Black/White E 1004 + 1 game (5000 points)

Who said you have to stay home to enjoy playing your favourite games?! Get your own Playstation portable!



Trek bike voucher 300 000LL   (6000 points)

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.

trek (2)

Apple ipod shuffle grey/silver  2 GB (2200 points)

Keep your music in your pocket with Ipod shuffle.


Fujifilm instax mini 8 camera (4000 points)

Capture your best moments and get the photos instantly printed with Fujifilm instax mini 8. Say cheese!


Virgin megastore gift voucher 75 000LL (1800 points)

Not sure what to get your family or friends? Let them choose their gift at virgin megastore! All you have to do is offer them this voucher!


Polaroid kids tablet 7     (5000 points)

Learn and play with the colourful Polaroid kids tablet .


Mozart chahine gift voucher 75000LL (1500 points)

Are you a music fan? Choose your own gift at Mozart Chahine.

mozart chahine

 AEROCLUB Flight over Beirut Dora 3 persons (5700 points)

 AEROCLUB Flight over Beirut Jounieh 3 persons (8500 points)

AEROCLUB Flight over Beirut -Chouf/Faraya/Chekka  3 persons (13000 points)

Discover Lebanon with AEROCLUB and fly with your friends over Jounieh,Dora,Chouf,Faraya or Chekka!  Sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking views!

flight over lebanon


2 tickets grand cinemas (600points)

Too much studying during weekdays? It’s time to enjoy a movie of your choice with a friend at Grand cinemas!

grand cinema

Apple ipod touch 16 GB (9000 points)

The perfect way to carry your music, photos and apps in your pocket.


Magrabi Optical Gift voucher 300.000LL (6000 points)

Need new eyewear? Benefit from a 300.000LL gift voucher with Magrabi optical!


1 kidzmondo entrance ticket (800 points)

Enjoy a day full of activities at  Kidzmondo and experience every detail of an adult life in an educational and entertaining environment!

kids mondo

You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives. Help the children in need by donating the Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon.5000 points (CCCL Points donations 100$ or 150,000 LBP)

children cancer



SOS points donation 150 000 LBP or 100$ (5000 points)

Its better to donate than accumulate!



Students recycling their empty containers:


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